Our Philosophy


We believe there is a growing need to start doing more with less.

We recognize that in many places, living spaces are shrinking while living costs are growing. This means that you need to use your space wisely. We're focused on creating versatile, functional and attractive pieces so you can get more out of your space in a way that fits you.


We create the most convenient furniture experience for you.

You move often. For some of you, it's a new home every year. Your homes often have tight staircases and doorways, and let's be honest, furniture has always been challenging to move. Sometimes you begrudgingly dispose of furniture on the street because it didn't survive the move, or you leave it in your last home as a nice "gift" to the new tenant. At Greycork, we make furniture as lightweight, low-profile, and simple to assemble and disassemble as possible. It looks good and has the durability you need.


We strive to manufacture as locally as possible.

Local manufacturing helps economies thrive, and our choice is to look local first, then regional, and then international if needed. When we produce locally, it gives us the ability to tightly monitor product quality, reduce freight, and collaborate with manufacturers to increase efficiency in production. With locally made goods, our customers can get the best value for their money, and we can limit our waste.