Our Story

Making your home, yours.

Greycork started out as a way to give people the perfect furniture option. Several years and thousands of flat-packed furniture deliveries later, we have emerged as the leader of companies bringing the furniture industry into the new era. By focusing on today's living conditions, we design versatile, essential products for the everyday, and give you the power to decide which new products will help move the industry forward for us all. The result is more functional homes, and finally, products designed for you. (And not your grandparents.)

Our business relies on a community of people who want to make their home environments more useful, and are willing to help bring new innovation to life so others can do the same. We understand this isn't a traditional furniture business model, but why should we settle for what's already been done today, when we can all be stakeholders in the products we furnish our homes with tomorrow?

At Greycork our mission is to design, develop and deliver innovative products that define a new era of living. We think there is a huge opportunity to create more functional, quality products for today's lifestyle. We hope you'll back our mission and share our story with others so we can all build our connection to the place we call home.


Offering essential furnishings designed for today's home.

Greycork essentials are designed in-house to meet the demands of the modern home environment. These products ship directly to your door, are simple to set up, and are capable of moving from home to home. With flexible pricing options and scheduled delivery, it’s the easiest way to bring furniture home.

Our Concept Studio is the first crowdfunding platform for your home.

The mission of our Concept Studio is to bring innovative home products to life. By backing a Concept, you join a community of others who are helping to move the industry forward, and in turn, help to make life at home better for us all.


Our products are manufactured locally with extreme attention to detail.

Quality, comfortable furniture matters. That's why we closely partner with manufacturers and ensure that every product we deliver will fit our standards - and yours. We also operate our own warehouse and physically check every piece before sending it to you.

Awards and Recognition

Forbes "30 Under 30 - Art & Style"

Providence Monthly "Ten to Watch"