All Greycork furniture is produced in small batches by US suppliers. These are not pieces that are being pumped off of an assembly line .



  • Our plywood is of premium quality. Made from Baltic Birch, it has a naturally beautiful grain and is strong and durable.
  • Our dowels are made of Ash, a wood also known for strength.
  • Each piece is hand-sanded, then hand-finished with high-pigment paint, custom stain, or clear coat which have been carefully created to offer a smooth finish and vibrant look.




  • Our slipcovers are soft, durable, and machine washable.
  • Our 6" cushions are all topped with Memory Foam to provide you with a soft and supportive sitting & sleeping surface. 
  • The Sofa cushion is constructed as one continuous piece to allow for ideal napping.


  • All sheet metal is either steel or aluminum, both materials that allow the product to be strong, lightweight, and recyclable.
  • For black and white colors, we use a textured, matte powder coat, which offers a modern look, while also helping the product hold up better over time.
  • For grey colors, we use a semi-gloss powder coat, which offers a bright, fresh take on this classic color.