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Have Your
Weekend Back

Years ago, we decided that the furniture shopping and assembly experience was too frustrating for our liking. Sure, we needed to buy furniture just like everyone else. But why did we have to borrow a car to get to the store; why was assembling it so difficult; and why oh why did everything fall apart after we moved once or twice? When you set out furnish a room, it probably took you a whole weekend. We thought those weekends were better spent having a good time with friends, so we created a much easier way to buy and assemble furniture.

As people who grew up working in factories in Massachusetts, we're proud to be a part of the American manufacturing legacy. This commitment doesn't just feel good for us, it means we're able to oversee production to ensure your goods are being made with the utmost care and using the highest quality materials. American craftsmen and women care about the quality of what they produce, and that means a better looking home for you.

Manufactured Locally.


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