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We set out to make the perfect furniture option: furniture made with quality materials, manufactured in the U.S, that's easy to assemble and good lookin'. After a few years and thousands of deliveries to happy customers, we're the leader of companies bringing furniture into the new era.


Life can be rough, so what would furniture be if it weren't durable? For our furniture, we use materials like American Ash, a solid wood commonly used for baseball bats, Baltic Birch, the strongest and most stable plywood available, strong, lightweight aluminum, and woven fabrics that are machine washable. 


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"There's a new alternative to IKEA."

— Business Insider

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Our founders John and Bruce have backgrounds in manufacturing and furniture design. One day, through a stroke of luck, they met. They started discussing how to make furniture better. Through years of trial and error, they have offered a range of high quality furniture that can be easily delivered to customers, and easily assembled once it arrives. They have been named "30 Under 30" by Forbes. Now, they are shipping products to your door every day, and are continuously pushing the bounds of the furniture industry.