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Have Your Weekend Back

Having grown up in manufacturing plants, design schools, and the internet age, we just couldn’t help but wonder why buying furniture usually implied long lines in huge stores, weekends filled with frustrating assembly, and boring products. In fact, we had a hunch that given what we knew, we could create the perfect furniture option.

Home Essentials

Greycork designs high-quality furniture at accessible prices. We ship products right to your door that can assemble in minutes. When you need to move, it is simple to take apart, easy to transport, and set up again in a new home - all without giving you headaches.

      Creating a Space

      Our hunch has led to an incredible journey - one that has taken us across the globe in search of the best materials and manufacturing partners, and one that has taken us into your homes to learn about what matters most to you - in order to create a whole new line of furniture designed around today’s lifestyle.

      A New Standard

      After starting with a few years of trial and error, we’ve built our team, nailed our design process, validated our manufacturing partners, and organized our logistics infrastructure so that we can ship Greycork furniture right to your door within a week. We’re breathing innovation into the furniture industry.

      Design Philosophy

      The Greycork Way