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Fact Sheet

Greycork was created with the belief that a furniture design brand could inspire people to have deeper social, personal, and productive experiences in their homes. Founded in 2013 by a group of designers and entrepreneurs, the team has introduced a refreshing customer-centric business model to an industry dominated by decades-old incumbents and characterized by inventory-heavy stores, a lack of innovation, and little brand loyalty. Greycork’s model is simple: Invest in rigorously designing essential products, build them using the right materials machined by U.S. suppliers, market them for a fair price. Make it fun to buy online, make it accessible to see it in person. Invest in our brand and in our culture. Through this model, Greycork believes it can displace incumbents and become the go-to choice for the Millennial generation and those after.

In June 2016, Greycork launched its new offering, including:

  • The Felix Family - A Living Room collection manufactured and assembled in the U.S. built for the design-conscious urban lifestyle using sturdy materials that can be easily assembled and transported;
  • The Home Try-Out - an innovative, free and fun way for anyone to envision Greycork in their home before buying (see samples here);
  • Free 1-5 Day Shipping and free 30 Day returns; and
  • A showroom based in Providence, RI.

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Value Proposition

Greycork furniture is built for the modern consumer who values aesthetic appeal, price, and high quality materials, but also has unique needs around convenience and transportability. Greycork takes the risk out of buying thanks to its Home Try-Out and free 30-day return policy.

Home Try-Out

Furniture shopping has been known to be stressful. It can be hard to imagine what a new sofa or side table might look like in the context of your home. The Home Try-Out is Greycork’s creative solution to this UX problem. It contains: fabric and wood samples, 5 stickers of the Felix Living Room Family, and 5 transparent plastic sheets. You can order a free kit on to see and feel how Greycork furniture will look in your home (see some examples of Greycork in action here).


Despite the massive size of the $90 billion annual U.S. furniture industry, the percentage of sales transacted over the internet are quite low at just 9%. Experts expect the online segment to grow from $8.1 billion in 2015 to $16 billion by 2021. Additionally, the market has shifted such that the largest consumer group of furniture is now Millennials, whose spending surpassed that of Baby Boomers in 2015. The eighty million Millennials in the United States - of whom 87% rent a home, 30% live in an urban area, and 17% would be inclined to purchase furniture online - present an initial annual market size of over two million people representing $2 billion of buying power in our first year of business alone.


Fung Business Intelligence Center, The US Furniture Market. 2016.


Our beginnings are humble. After a backyard prototype, sleepless nights, borrowed money and missed opportunities, we decided to take what we knew to create something we’d love: a furniture brand that might be able to help create meaningful moments at home, and inspire one another to keep working with our hands. Greycork was incorporated in October 2013 after the first prototype was built.


John Humphrey, Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Bruce Kim, Founder, Head of Manufacturing
Alec Babala, Founder, Head of Design
Jonah Willcox-Healey, Head of Product
Jennifer Raines-Loring, Chief Operations Officer
Jon Gourlay, Art Director
Jamieson Toulan, Warehouse Manager
Giuseppe Crosti, Marketing Director
Erich Jeanmaire, Customer Operations Director


To responsibly grow a brand for the home through an understanding of our customers, our partners and ourselves.


To empower one another to keep working with our hands.


Our customers are real people.
Our team is worth protecting.
We pursue our passions.
We don’t do it alone.


Office and Showroom - 286 Thayer St, Providence RI
Warehouse - 99 Hartford Ave, Providence RI
R&D Studio - 68 Dike St, Providence RI


2016 Forbes 30 Under 30 - Art & Style
2016 Providence Monthly’s 10 to Watch


John Humphrey, CEO