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Bringing People Together

Our vision “to use our business to bring meaning to every home” is a lofty one, and we know it will take time. We’re just getting started. Here are some of the things we’re most proud of.

Headquarters in Providence, RI

After putting so much work into our design and packaging - not to mention having grown up in factories - we are happy that the eyes and hands of Greycork employees are the last to see, feel, and package your product before it arrives at your door. We’re committed to being a real job creator; our warehouse and assembly center is our first step.

Made by Families

We use the word “partners” to describe our manufacturers and we don’t take it lightly. We travel the globe and put suppliers to the test from many different continents in order to find manufacturing partners most aligned with us. Today, we’re happy to report that all of those partners can be found right here in the United States.

Critical by Design

We bring products to life through an eight-phased design process, ensuring each step along the way that we’re making products right for you. In an effort to make only what’s essential and use materials wisely, we aim to reduce waste in the world.

Building a Community

From our cycling team that brings healthy meals to those in need, to our partnerships with design and entrepreneurial organizations, we’re making Greycork a meaningful part of everyones’ lives.

Meet the Founders

Coming from different corners of the east coast, we met each other on several months of video conferences before ever meeting in person. Typical millennials. And if it weren’t for the idea of Greycork, we would probably still be strangers. We bonded over our passion to create a business that makes an impact on the world and brings people together - it brought us together after all. Knowing we were entering the unknown, we decided Greycork would “make better moments and imagine what’s possible.”

Design Philosophy

About the Company